To  be more flexible, efficient, and competitive - we have highly qualified  engineers, process digitization and unique software solutions to enable our  rapid adaptation to the needs of the energy sector. We  deliver and monitor the highest quality possible while minimizing risk  through our remote monitoring systems for solar plants and prepaid  electricity vending systems for mini-grids.     Our  additional available services include: site survey, energy audit, solar system  (design customization, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting) and  training via our solar academy.   

Your Reliable Solar Partner

Solar Plant Health Check

We provide a detailed health check to your existing solar system and advice onwhat needs to be done to maximize its performance.

Upgrade and Modifications

Upgrade your current solar system by integrating revolutionary energy storage technology andmodern components.

Remote Maintenance Services

Our remotemaintenance and support services are delivered through local site engineers,enabling a faster response and service provision.

Software and Services


The  Electricity Vending Prepayment System (EVPS) is a software solution from W.  Giertsen Energy Solutions which supports the sale of electricity on a  prepayment approach.  

This  solution is suitable for mini-grids and utilities which require highly  reliable revenue collection from technology interoperability in the metering  approach- customers have the freedom to choose meter manufacturers based on  prices and quality. 

The  EVPS System provides to the utility/mini-grid operator the possibility to  have various web-based Points–Of–Sale (POS) which can all generate 20-digit  Standard Transfer Specification (STS) Compliant Electricity Tokens.   

The  POS can come from a computer or a smartphone which has internet access within  the electricity distribution locality. It also provides the possibility to  integrate mobile money payment options.  

"Since the installation last year, I have had no technical issues at all and could not be more happy with my investment."... Client Testimony,2021

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