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The reliable specialists and lifecycle partner for solar-based applications

W. Giertsen Energy Solutions is the reliable specialist and lifecycle partner for solar-based applications in  demanding environments. The company is part of the W. Giertsen Group founded in 1875 in Bergen, Norway. We act as a system integrator and long-term solar energy lifecycle partner with offices in Bergen (Norway), Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi (Kenya) ensuring our closeness to customers and partners.

We design, engineer and execute application-specific solutions and projects geared toward safe, efficient and reliable operation, reducing long-term energy cost and environmental impact. Based on tier 1 proven components and decades of experience in application engineering.

“We strive for a more sustainable environment, economy and society through the access to affordable, safe, and reliable clean energy as the basis for prosperity across African societies.We believe, power from the sun is a key energy source and an essential enabler to improve the lives of people.”

Wilhelm Giertsen

CEO of W. Giertsen Energy Solutions


Our vision is to enrich and enhance the lives of the people and communities in which we operate by providing the highest quality solar powered solutions. We want to be the long-term partner of choice for humanitarian organizations and private businesses. Through our commitment to responsible leadership and continuous focus on innovation, we aim to be a recognized and profitable player in specialized solar energy applications.


As an experienced and specialized system integrator, we provide solar powered solutions for a sustainable world to the humanitarian sector as well as private homes and businesses. We deliver integrated solutions, applications engineering and related services for efficient, safe, affordable and reliable solar power generation and storage.

We enable harnessing the power of the sun to produce, store and use the energy as needed. We will obtain our goals through the talent, experience and expertise of our people, building on their passion and commitment to the global vision.

Values you can rely on

Whether you are a partner, a client, a member of the team or related to our business some other way – you can rely on firm values that are based on more than 145 years of company history and tradition.
We walk our talk.


We build and maintain long-term business relationships with clients and partners


Reliability is a focus in every aspect: reliable quality, safety, security of investment, peace of mind


Heritage and continuous adaptation is the basis of the future. A sustainable company, financially independant


Our team, our customers and the people in the communities we work with. We practice good citizenship


We feel a strong sense of responsibility towards customers, and the societies in our target markets


Proven flexibility to adopt change and create new opportunities. We find individual solutions for customers

Serving clients in the humanitarian and the private sector

Both the W. Giertsen Group and more specifically W. Giertsen Energy Solutions, have a long heritage of serving the humanitarian sector. In Africa, we support humanitarian organizations and local stakeholders to secure aid and relief. We also contribute to the development of critical areas through the availability of electricity, such as solar-powered hospital energy supplies and off-grid village electrification. This supports development of rural infrastructure and prosperity of the communities involved.

Regarding the private sector, W. Giertsen Energy Solutions provides solutions to the commercial and industrial segments, with successful projects in: manufacturing, agriculture and hospitality. Businesses are now benefiting from custom solar and storage installations to ensure reliable and affordable power supply for their operations. For residential homeowners, we provide all-in-one solar and storage kit that optimize the availability and use of electricity for families in private homes. Furthermore, we support utility companies in mini-grid projects that can include electronic payment solutions.

Our team supports you from strategic locations in Europe and Africa

With offices in Bergen (Norway) and Nairobi (Kenya), we are supporting you from strategic locations in Europe and Africa ensuring closeness to our customers and partners. We dare to go where it becomes challenging. W. Giertsen’s team has experience in executing projects in harsh environments and under complex conditions.

Quality Health Safety & Environment

W Giertsen Energy Solutions is based on an open and honest organizational culture that values the diversity of its team.
We are committed to the safety of employees, clients and the communities in which we work.

We, the W. Giertsen team, achieve this by:

  • Conducting responsible and sustainable business
  • Having risk management as an integrated part of our business activities
  • Purchasing products and services that do the least damage to the environment and encouraging others to do the same
  • Continually reviewing and improving our products and services, and the management system


Quality, consistency and environmental stewarsdship is fundamental to W. Giertsen Energy Solutions’ projects and operations

We hold the following certifications by DNV-GL:
- ISO 90001:2015 (quality management) ,
- ISO 140001: 2015 (environmental management) and
- ISO 45001:2018 (operational health and safety management).

UN Global Compact

In our Communication of Progress (COP) submitted as a member of the UN Global Compact’s international community,
W. Giertsen Energy Solutions outlines our actions in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.  
Our COP covers: 12 July 2021 - 06 October 2022.  We believe that the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable current and future global community.

We have been a part of this important initiative since 2017.

W. Giertsen history

W. Giertsen Energy Solutions is a part of the W. Giertsen Group – a robust, Norwegian industrial group of companies committed to develop businesses and value-creating ownership.  

All companies in the group are based on the same values, which have characterized W. Giertsen for more than 140 years - deep understanding of customer needs leading us to  solutions in which we combine robust engineering with practical workmanship.

For over 40 years, W. Giertsen has been involved in the humanitarian and development sector through its delivery of shelter, structures, and storage solutions worldwide.