Highly specialized and proven solutions, flexible for a variety of solar-enabled applications

Our highly specialized and field proven solutions are flexible for a variety of solar-enabled applications, market segments and geographies. These solutions are delivered by our expertly trained and industry qualified engineers and project managers.

This is complemented by a suite of project lifecycle services including: pre-sales system design, engineering services, project management and logistics, installation and commissioning and after-sales support. We also support our clients with training and project finance facilitation.

Residential Solar & Storage

Take charge of the energy for your home

Produce, store and use the energy as you need it for your home and become energy independent with cost-efficient, safe and reliable power from the sun.

Commercial Solar & Storage

Control the energy for your business

Generate, store and manage the consumption of the electricity powering your business, reduce your energy cost for the long-term and keep your operations running smoothly.

Mini-Grid Solutions

Build your
own grid

Secure electricity with your own grid in remote or off-grid areas as a basis for prosperity and development.


Secure essentials
of life

With solar-powered cooling and water pumping solutions
you can create reliable conditions for essential processes and supplies for your business or community.


Hydrate & irrigate with solar

Water and access to water is essential to life, development and sustainable growth. We offer high quality solar water pumping systems perfect for various water sources.

Software and Services

Boost your
system solution

We support the entire lifecycle of your project with digital tools, online platforms and 360° service; you can make the most of your solar-powered solution.

Experience the full suite of solutions, digital offerings and services for your unique application needs. Our specialist team contributes all the experience, passion and application expertise to make your project successful. 

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