W. Giertsen Energy  Solutions’ Residential Solar and Storage is a cost-effective household solar system that  provides power for home owners. These turnkey solutions consist  of tier-one components with high quality and reliability in providing  power to your home. These solutions are ideal in meeting the basic  electricity needs of any home both in on-grid and off-grid setup. 

Take Control of Your Energy Consumption

Reliable, Safe and Affordable Energy Anywhere

Our residential solar systems are safe and reliable as they integrate the latest solar battery technology with advance safety features

Guaranteed Performance

Our StimaKit consists of tier-one components that guarantee maximum performance for a longer period.  It comes with a 5-year warranty.

Uniterrupted Power Supply
24 hours a day  

With our solar residential systems, you are guaranteed access to power at any given time anywhere with no power outages.

Residential Solar and Storage


Guaranteed energy reliabilty and sustainability for residential setups

StimaKit is an all-in-one residential solar energy production and storage solution, which provides 24/7 power supply to homeowners.

This turnkey solution consists of tier-one components including solar panels, hybrid inverter and energy storage units.

It is designed based on the latest energy production and storage technology delivering quality, reliable and long-lasting performance.

Sirius Supercapacitor Energy Storage


Proven Supercapacitor-Based Energy Storage System

The Sirius supercapacitor  technology is a safe, high performing, long life-cycle energy storage  technology.  It is the better choice compared to  conventional electrochemical batteries. Based on the electrostatic storage of  the Sirius, there is no chemical reaction while charging or discharging.

The supercapacitor storage module  does not  degrade or lose capacity – resulting in longer cycle life, high  efficiency during cycling, and the absence of any risk of thermal runaway.    These storage modules are suitable to  integrate with any new solar and storage project, as well as, a retrofit upgrade of an existing  storage system.  

Furthermore,  the technology comes with a  remote monitoring function to ensure full visibility and control over the performance and  condition of the system. The technology also encompasses a thorough  suite of safety features and is completely recyclable.

WG50 Power Portable Unit


Our WG50 (500Wh) is a portable Power Station that is very handy to use while camping, on boat trips, during adventures outdoor, or as an emergency power supply.

With this power station, you can  supply almost all electrical devices that are up to 300 watts with energy. For example: smartphone, tablet, laptop,  light sources and small household appliances.    

This portable solution comes with  different connectors, including USB-A, USB-C, PD (45 W), wireless QI, 12 V to 230 volts (300W).  This flexibility makes  these power stations the ideal electrical supply for many versatile situations.

Multiple AC/DC output ports

This makes it capable of charging different devices simultaneously

Inbuilt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This feature makes WG50 friendly for newer electrical appliances.

WG150 Power Portable Unit


Our WG150 is designed for high performance and can operate devices with a maximum of 1000W. WG 150 with 1KW load capacity has wide range applications.

This highly robust product is made of durable aluminium casing with an integraged  handle. The WG150 has an inbuilt intelligent cooling fan and a pure sine wave inverter making it suitable for AC/DC loads.

With this power station, you can supply almost all electrical devices up to 1000 watts  with energy. This portable solution has different connectors, including USB-A, USB-C PD (45 W), wireless QI, 12 V to 230 volts (1000W). These power stations are an ideal electrical supply for many outdoor situations.

Multiple AC/DC output ports

This makes it capable of charging different devices simultaneously

Inbuilt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This feature makes  WG150 friendly for newer electrical appliances.

"We have been using the Giertsen Supercaps for about 8 months now. We were not sure what to expect but now we have never been happier. We can perform every aspect of power needs having been skeptical at first, we were very pleasantly surprised and are very satisfied. The neatest taking such little space!" ...
(Home owners)

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