Our all-in-one solar mini-grid solution provides the most widely applicable and viable mechanism to delivery electricity to off-grid areas. As a complete package, the generated energy is supplied to the customers who are provided with prepaid energy meters making it easy for them to purchase power using our vending system. Mini-grid solutions are perfect for entrepreneurs and solar for productive use applications.

Boost Community Social Economic
Status by Installing our Solar Mini-grid

Give Access to Power

Our mini-grid solution provides reliable and affordable electricity to communities located in remote and off-grid areas. We play an important role in facilitating rural electrification across Africa.

Create Job Opportunities

Mini-grids create employment for the communities in which they are installed and operated.  Jobs are required for installation and maintenance of the systems.

Support Social Economic Activities

We don’t just offer solar energy generation but also, we help empower the communities by providing internet access, creating energy kiosks and other solarfor productive use applications.

Mini-Grid Solutions


The all-in-one solution for generating, distributing and retailing electricity

WGES  provides a solar powered mini-grid solution adaptable to our client’s needs,  which is ideal for supplying electricity to off-grid locations. These custom mini-grids  also play a critical role in providing power to communities and supporting  the facilitation of economic growth. 

With  our mini-grid solutions, we not only provide power to the off-grid areas, but  also integrate other applications such as an internet access point, energy  vending shops, refrigeration, among other possibilities to support  communities accessing information and creating income.  

In  addition to the solar power generation setup, we have our own prepaid vending  system that facilitates and supports distribution of power.

To learn more about our Mini-Grid Solution and other solutions please contact us.

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